Vibrations, gut-punches and straight up loud music, that’s what makes us tick, what fuels us. we are the NO BULLSH!T car audio brand.


The GAS brand has been born and raised on over two generations of passion, and our commitment to car audio has only grown stronger! GAS Audio Power will keep pushing the limits to give our fans bigger, better and LOUDER sound systems for many generations to come!


We design and develop our own products to make sure you get awesome sound for a just price. A kick-ass subwoofer shouldn’t have to cost a fortune, ‘cause we know that it’s not enough with a fancy overpriced showpiece to get the vibrations and performance you need. To reach our level of LOUD, you need the whole package. And our new generation of products will not disappoint.


GAS Audio Power is spreading around the world. You can find our products in more than 40+ different countries in stores, parking lots and awesome car builds. Help spread the spirit of GAS to every corner of the world. We don’t exclude, we don’t judge and we do not make up any excuses for who we are. We are GAS and we are proud to be LOUD!

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