2-way crossover filter from the GAS MAD series for up to two 4 Ohm drivers, as well as a tweeter!



Looking for a simple and effective way to build your own SPL system? Well, then this is the crossover filter for you! This versatile filter is designed to work with up to two 4 Ohm drivers and a tweeter, allowing you to build something crazy. Combine it with any of the MAD drivers and show everybody how LOUD you can be!

With a built-in crossover for the tweeter and a crossover filter for 4 Ohm midrange drivers (one driver for each output on the filter), the PXO1-24 makes it real easy to create an awesome SPL build. With a pair of these you can connect four midrange woofers and two tweeters to a 2-channel amplifier, that’s awesome! And thanks to its compact size, it’s the perfect choice for the DIY SPL enthusiasts out there.

With a crossover frequency of 5.000 Hz and a slope of 6 dB/octave for the midrange driver, you’ll enjoy a smooth transition between the midrange and tweeter frequencies. Speaking of tweeters, the PXO1-24’s built-in crossover for the tweeter features a crossover frequency of 6.000 Hz and a slope of 12 dB/octave. This ensures that your highs are crisp and that the tweeter doesn’t break even if you’ve forgotten to change the crossover settings in your head unit, amplifier or DSP.

The PXO1-24 also features two different levels of tweeter attenuation, including -0 dB and -6 dB, which can be adjusted to match your music style.

Product Manual for MAD PXO1-24


User manual for MAD PXO1-24

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