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2×10″ sealed enclosure


GAS GS210 is a sealed enclosure for two 10″ woofers. Its sealed construction contributes to a tight and crispy sound. The GS210 is designed to fit a vast majority of 10″ woofers and has a 25 liters capacity per chamber.

The character with a sealed enclosure is fast and musical. When reducing the port you reduce possible noise and murmur. The enclosure is designed with a terminal recessed on the back and the box itself is built in 19mm MDF.

Additional information


Sealed enclosure


2×10 inch


16.5 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD)

870x290x237/343 mm

Mounting hole

234 mm


25 liters/chamber


We know what you want. You want it LOUD, and that is exactly what we do, what we live for. Vibrations, gut-punches and straight up loud music – that’s what makes us tick. We won’t dress up in fancy words or claim to be something we’re not. We are the NO BULLSH!T car audio brand!

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