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BMW 8″ subwoofer


GAS GS8BMW is a pair of model specific 8″ subwoofers constructed to perform well with minimal space occupancy . To be installed under the driver and passenger seat, compatible with the the factory Hifi system or higher. Recommended to be supplied by a hefty 2-channel amplifier.

Plug & Play installation
Custom fit
150W RMS / 200W MAX
89dB Sensitivity

Custom fit for:
BMW 1 series: F20/5 door, F21/3 door (from 2011)
BMW 1 series: E87/5 door, E81/3 door (2004-2013)
BMW 1 series: E82/Coupé, E88/Cabrio/Convertible (2004-2013)
BMW 2 series: F22/Coupé, F23/Cabrio/Convertible (from 11/2013)
BMW 3 series: F30/Limousine, F31/Touring, F34/GT (from 2012)
BMW 3 series: E90/Limousine, E91/Touring, F92/Coupé, E93/Cabrio/Convertible (2005-2013)
BMW 4 series: F32/Coupé, F33/Cabrio/Convertible (from 10/2013)
BMW 4 series: F36/Grand Coupé (4 door) (from 2014)
BMW 5 series: F10/Limousine, F11/Touring, F07/GT (2010-2014)
BMW 5 series: E60/Limousine, E61/Touring (2003-2009)
BMW 6 series: F12/Coupé, F13/Cabrio/Convertible (from 2011)
BMW 6 series: F06/Grand Coupé (4 door) (from 2011)
BMW 7 series: F01/Limousine, F02/Limousine, Long version (from 2008)
BMW 7 series: E65/Limousine, E66/Limousine, Long version (2001-2008)
BMW X1: E84/SUV (from 2009)
BMW X3: F25/SUV (from 2010)
BMW X3: E83/SUV (2003-2010)
BMW X4: F26/SUV (from 2014)
BMW X5: F15/SUV (from 2013)
BMW X5: E70/SUV (2006-2013)
BMW X6: F16/SUV (2014)
BMW X6: E71/SUV (2008-2014)

Additional information






8 inch

Power RMS


Power MAX


Nominal Impedance

4 Ohm

Freq. response




Mounting depth

38 mm

Mounting diameter

200 mm


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