MAD S3-12D2

MAD S3-12D2

The MAD S3-12.D2 subwoofer is a game changer!



Light weight with heavy bass

The MAD S3-12.D2 subwoofer is a game changer! Similar to the MAX S1/S2 series, this subwoofer has been loaded with a light-weight non-pressed paper cone and a 3D aluminum dust cap to hit hard, play LOUD and endure the toughest beats. The aluminum dust cap transfers away heat from the voice coils, and the embossed GAS logo mini- mizes resonances and ensures stability in every beat.

Strong and flexible

Borrowing from the MAX S1/S2 series, we’ve equipped the MAD S3-12.D2 with a rubber suspension featuring dual- stitching. The suspension is strong, resilient and flexible to create a powerful sound that will shock and amaze! Of course, the dual-stitching comes in the iconic GAS orange that we all madly love.

Hardcore MADness

The heart of the MAD S3 subwoofers is in the fully stacked core.

First: Dual 2-Ohm 2″ TIL voice coils with 4-layer copper wire. This MAD setup creates allot of bass that’s not only deep, but fast and hard hitting too! The voice coils are “non-conductive”, which means they move smoothly through the magnetic gap without missing a beat. Second: We have combined the MAD S1/S2 series robust steel M-basket with a double- stacked HQ ferrite motor from the MAX S1 series to create a real powerhouse! We’ve also included a robust pressure-bonded M-gasket in IMPP material that stabilizes the basket and minimizes the risk of damaging the suspension when securing the subwoofer.

Stay Cool, Stay LOUD

To make sure that the MAD S3 subwoofer stays cool, we have taken our popular DVS™ ventilation system to a new level. With the improved DVS2™ ventilation system (same technology that is used in the popular MAX S1 series) placed in both the subwoofer’s backplate and in the basket under the spider, the MAD S3 series will keeps things cool even when the beats are scorching.

Additional information






12 inch

Nominal Impedance

2+2 Ohm

Power RMS


Power MAX


Freq. response


Voice Coil

Dual 2" 4-layer copper wire




3D Aluminum


M Steel


2×52 oz HQ Ferrite


Rubber with dual stitching

Product Manual MAD S3


User manual for MAD S3 (S3-12D2)

Datasheet MAD S3


Datasheet for MAD S3 (S3-12D2)

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