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MAD T2-254

MAD T2-254

Looking for a pair of awesome new tweeters?



There’s nothing better than replacing that old dusty wannabe speaker that’s been hiding behind your door panel. Did your old speakers break, because they simply couldn’t handle your level of LOUD? Good! Time for an upgrade. Our goal with the T12 series tweeter is to give you as much sound as possible, without breaking the bank.


Just the way you like it, just the way your car wants it – uncomplicated, LOUD and made to fit like a glove. For clean and clear highs, the T2-254 is a 25mm silk dome tweeter with a Neodymium magnet and an inline crossover. You deserve better sound in your car and a pair of brand new tweeters will make sure you’re heard!

Loud upgrades fit everywhere

With the T2 series tweeter we’ve included three different types of housing for the tweeters, so you can choose the tweeter location most suitable for your ride and its sound system. Depending on the location, the housing might vary. Be create. Make sure to aim the tweeter, so these reach your head/ears for great results. Choose your tweeter location without holding back, LOUD upgrades fit everywhere!

Additional information





Nominal Impedance

Power RMS

Power MAX

Freq. response

2500-21.000 Hz


Product Manual MAD T2


User manual for MAD T2-254


We know what you want. You want it LOUD, and that is exactly what we do, what we live for. Vibrations, gut-punches and straight up loud music – that’s what makes us tick. We won’t dress up in fancy words or claim to be something we’re not. We are the NO BULLSH!T car audio brand!

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