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The compact bass experience for your car! Packs a powerful punch in a compact design, fitting seamlessly under your driver or passenger seat. With deep, rich sound and easy installation, you’ll never want to drive without it again.



Impressive compact bass

We want everyone to have access to truly great sound – even if it’s in a smaller car or when you need the space in your trunk. Our engineers worked hard on how to manifest the MAX experience in a compact format that’s so small it can fit under a seat. The MAX ASB1 was designed to test the limits and is packed with a lot of power, bass and impressive per- formance that fulfills your need for high quality bass.

Optimized power

The subwoofer is equipped with the latest Class AB amplifier. Together with its enhanced performance, the amplifier can deliver up to 130/150W (RMS) directly to the 8/10” woofer. We know that LOUD is not good enough for you, not without the performance to match it. To make sure that the bass perfectly matches your sound system, we’ve included customizable settings such as a low-pass filter, bass EQ and 0°/180° phase shift control.

Simple installation

When we say that everyone deserves great bass, we mean it. To achieve this, we made sure to make it easy for you to integrate the ASB1 with your current sound system. You won’t even need a new head unit to connect it. There are two methods you can use: Low level (by using the RCA pre-out) or High level (by using the speaker cables). If you use the High-level input, the best-in-class pre-amplifier with Auto Sense Circuit allows the amplifier to turn on and off without the need for a remote turn on wire. It almost sounds too easy, right?

Full control

Going on a cruise or a longer road trip? If you want to listen to a different kind of music after a while, you still want to optimize the bass for that genre. The included bass remote gives you full access to adjusting the bass level whenever you want to. Simple and easy.

Additional information




Active slim subwoofer


10 inch

Power RMS


Power MAX


Freq. response


Low Pass Filter


Subsonic filter

25Hz (fixed)

Crossover Slope


Bass EQ

0-12dB @45Hz



S/N Ratio (A-weighted)


Damping Factor


Input Sensitivity




Power Voltage


High Level Input

Yes, auto on/off

Low level input


Bass remote

Yes, level



Product Manual ASB1-8/10


User manual for ABS1 (ASB1-8 & ASB1-10)

Datasheet ASB1-10


Datasheet for ABS1-10


We know what you want. You want it LOUD, and that is exactly what we do, what we live for. Vibrations, gut-punches and straight up loud music – that’s what makes us tick. We won’t dress up in fancy words or claim to be something we’re not. We are the NO BULLSH!T car audio brand!

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