Cable kit pp4


Installation kit for amplifiers.
We know about the importance of high-quality cable in an installation therefore a lot of time has been spent on the construction of the cable kit.

The PP4 is ideal for amplifiers between 300W – 1000W (RMS). Up to 80A.

All cables are made of 100% copper. Includes power cords, speaker cable, low level cable, fuse and mounting accessories.

6m 20mm orange Power cord (100% copper)
0.9m 20mm black power cord (100% copper)
7.6m 1.5mm speaker cable (100% copper)
5m low level cable (100% copper)
5m remote cable
1.8m protection hose
1 AFS fuse holder
80A AFS fuse
2pcs fork shoes
2pcs ring shoes

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