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6×9″ SPL-speaker


GAS XF692 is a pair coaxial speakers, exclusively made for SPL. These 6×9″ speakers are perfect if you prefer mounting coaxial speakers, but still want to get that SPL sound experience. A solid construction, 1.5″ voice coil and a cool but proper horn for the tweeter; pre-conditions that allow great sound and high volumes. XF692 is also equipped with a built-in grille that protects but also, provide a pretty cool look for these bad boys!

The tweeter’s cone is made of aluminium, which gives a satisfying rendering of the high frequencies. The loud tweeter gets perfectly complemented by an equally loud midrange driver, delivering the mid frequencies with a bang. The speakers basket is made of die cast aluminium and the tweeter is made of titanium, painted in orange. The horn, also in classic GAS-orange is not just cool. It also distributes the high frequencies very well, to give you a broad sound image. Carefully selected materials and precise tuning of the speaker element contributes to a first class and a well-balanced sound experience. Don’t forget to play loud!

GAS XF692 is perfect for mounting in both the hat racks and doors. Generally you get a pleasant result when mounting in the hat rack, thanks to the excellent sound distribution properties back there. The speakers come with a built-in crossover that makes sure that midrange driver and tweeter play the right frequencies.

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6×9 inch

Power RMS


Power MAX


Nominal Impedance

4 Ohm

Freq. response





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